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Special Thanks


Jazz & Colors offers its sincere thanks to:

NYC Parks & Recreation

-Veronica M. White – Commissioner

-Adrian Benepe – Fmr Commissioner

-Elizabeth W. Smith – Assistant Commissioner Revenue & Marketing

-Sandra E. Huber – Chief of Staff Revenue & Marketing

-Claudia C. Pepe – Director, Manhattan Special Events

-Phil Abramson – Deputy Director of Public Affairs


Central Park Conservancy:

-Douglas Blonsky – CPC President/CEO & Central Park Administrator

-Neil Calvanese – Vice President Operations, CPC

-Sara Cedar Miller – Associate Vice President of Park Information, CPC

-Jill Bristow – CPC Director of Operations

-Stan Steen – CPC Operations

-Mike Gonzales – CPC Operations

-Dena Libner – CPC Associate Director of Public Relations


Central Park Precinct:

-Noel MacMahon – Lt., Central Park Precinct

-Richard Tombari-NYPD, Community Affairs, CPP


Jazz Foundation of America:

-Wendy Oxenhorn

-Marianne Pilsbury

-Joe Petrucelli



-Brandy Wood


Time Out NY:

-Diane Perini, Marketing & Events Manager

-Kai Redman, Production Manager

-Audrey Calle, Production Director

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